Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome (Pg 5)

    • Who can take CLASS 201 online?
    • Workbook
    • CLASS Purpose and Introduction
  • 2

    Habit One: Daily Time in God’s Word (Pg 13)

    • The Hand Illustration and Six Ways to Get a Grasp of the Bible
  • 3

    Habit Two: Prayer—Talking with God (Pg 31)

    • How to Revitalize Your Prayer Life, Use the Model Jesus Gave Us, and A Daily Quiet Time with God through Prayer and Bible Reading
    • How to Overcome the Problems with Your Quiet Time
  • 4

    Habit Three: Tithing—Giving Back to God (Pg 55)

    • How My Giving Reveals My Spiritual Maturity, What the Bible Teaches about Tithing, and Giving with the Right Attitude
  • 5

    Habit Four: Fellowship—Enjoying God's Family (Pg 67)

    • Why Is Fellowship So Important?, How Can a Large Church Maintain Close Friendships, and What Is the Purpose of Our Small Groups?
    • Do you need to be in a small group if you are a member of Saddleback Church?
  • 6

    How To: Start and Maintain Good Habits (Pg 75)

    • Getting Started and What Are My Next Steps?
    • Reviewing What's Next
    • 201 Saddleback Church Online Growth Covenant